I ordered some art card prints from Fish Creek Co. in Alaska. Some more Haida and Coast Salish art for the walls. I love the fine detail long drawn curves and the overall tribal nature and  symmetry of  the pieces. Some of the artists names seen here are: Carl Stromquist, Joe Mandur Jr. Danny Dennis, George Pennier, Israel Shortridge and Joseph M. Wilson.
   There are a few different styles of this coastal art and most are distinguishable by the different regions/clans. Whether its Gitxsan, Tlingit, Salish, Tsimshian, Tongass or Sxswaset  These wood sculptures, drum skin designs and totems will most often feature stylized animals and animal-spirits such as Bear, Beaver, Raven, Frog, Killer Whale, and many others which play important roles in traditional stories and have been associated with family clans reaching back many generations.
  There is seriously so much material to cover and learn about the Salish/Haida culture it would take quite a few posts.. This is one scene that I see growing really large in the next few years. There are so many new younger talented artists, who are starting to push the boundaries outside the box of their familial circles. They are aiming more self expression and abstraction.
   There is one school in particular the "Freda Diesing School of NorthWest Art".that will be pumping out a lot of the talent for years to come and it was started be Freda Deising. She was taught by Bill Holm who is probably the most knowledgable historian of the Haida cultural art in the last 50 years, he goes into depth about line shapes, thickness and the inner geometries of the drawings. Also she was a pupil under Robert Davidson who helped kick off the major revival in British Columbia.
  Once a year the school holds the "Northern Exposure Exhibition" representing the graduating students held at the Spirit Wrestler Gallery. The arts community from the Haida Gwai region has never been as strong and connected as they are now!
            Here is a link to the prints section @ the Spirit Wrestler Gallery In Vancouver:

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