Nidal el Khairy

  As I scroll-over Nidal's blog with my mouse, I realize that I am surrounded by  peace and tranquility within  my home, my family and my neighborhood. Sadly, this is not the case for Nidal el-Khairy and many others just like him.  There are many atrocities that he is witnessing near his home along the Palestine-Israel border. Differing languages can become huge barriers. So, in order to amplify his voice, he is using the universal language of visual symbolism to depict  the realities of war-time greed.
   It is almost as if he is able to pull back the curtain and expose the complexities of living amidst modern day warfare . You can read it vividly on their faces and their body gestures.  Even the aimed hostility of 1,000 marching guns can not overpower the artistry of truth and compassion..
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